Summary in English

WoM World of Management Ltd is an equality consultancy and training company. We have provided training and consultancy in the design and implementation of equality plans for private and public sector organisations since 2000.


WoM provides consulting in drawing up gender equality and diversity plans. For public sector and projects, we provide consultancy in gender mainstreaming.

WoM is experienced in consulting gender mainstreaming and gender equality assessment in projects, such as projects funded by European Social Fund (see the publication below).

Research work

WoM has experience in conducting studies, reports and publications related to gender equality. Research work at WoM is based on academic knowledge and firm experience. The data can be collected, for example, through interviews or online surveys. Below, you can find examples of publications WoM Oy has participated in writing in English.

In addition, WoM has been a senior researcher or a national consult in several research projects ordered by EIGE (European Institute for Gender Equality). For example, WoM was a senior researcher in a study to review the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action in the EU – ‘Beijing + 25’. The research project was managed by ICF International.

Contact us

WoM World of Management Ltd

Sinikka Mustakallio

Gender equality and diversity consult, CEO

phone +358 40 553 8878

Inkeri Tanhua

Gender equality and diversity specialist, MBA and MSSc

phone +358 44 7424557